What is a limited repair warranty?

Limited repair warranties are different from the manufacturer warranties that are provided when a device is new. Our limited repair warranties only cover the specific repair and components that have been replaced by ourselves. The warranty will cover up to the limit of the value for the repair. Limited repair warranties are designed to make sure you do not lose out on the repair but will not cover additional costs over the paid value for any further work or parts.

How long is the warranty valid?

We cover all software repairs for up to one month after repair completion of the device. We are unable to provide long warranties on software repairs due to the number of changes that users make on their devices impacting any software repairs. We will cover all hardware repairs for up to three months after repair completion of the device. Any replacement components will have their own manufacturer warranties that are often longer than our repair warranty. You will not be charged for any replacement parts if it is still under warranty. 

What is covered under warranty?

- Device pickup and delivery.
- Any repair work we have carried out up to the value of the original repair.
- Replacement components included in the original repair.

What is not covered under warranty?

- If the recurring problem is not related to the repair work, we have carried out or components we have replaced. 
- Any additional components that are required to rectify the problem. Only replacements for components we have provided are covered.
- If the device has been damaged For example: cracked screens, cosmetic damage or internal impact.
- Water damage repairs. 

Why are additional parts not covered?

When we repair a device, we test it before it is dispatched. If we have replaced a component and the device is working, then the repair was successful, and the faulty component was replaced. If the repair, then comes back with another component failure this is a new repair and not related to any existing fault. We will cover any parts we have replaced as anything additional would be a new fault. There are also situations where multiple components could be creating one fault. These are impossible to completely diagnose until faulty components have been replaced. Finding additional faults would not be covered under the warranty as the repair we carried out would still have been required. 

In rare instances where it is found that we have replaced a component that did not need to be replaced. We will then charge you for the new part deducting any value of the replaced part from the invoice. This decision will be made at our judgement once we have received the results of warranty diagnostics.

Why is water damage/other damage not covered?

Our warranties are designed to protect you against faulty components we have replaced or repair work that has not resolved the problem as expected. Our warranty cover is not an insurance policy and therefore unable to protect you against damages. If your device has come to us with water damage this will automatically void any warranties we provide. I am afraid we are unable to provide warranty cover on water damaged devices due to the complexity of the damage caused.

What if my device can't be repaired under warranty?

We will refund the full cost of any repair work and parts minus the diagnostic fee that had not been successful. Data transfer, loan laptops and various other services are exceptions as these would have been successful services that we provided. 

Are there exceptions to the warranty conditions?

Yes, we do often provide exceptions to the above conditions. As a business we pride ourselves on delivering a personalised service and do not believe in a black and white terms of service. We will always do everything we can to help, that is economically viable and feasible for us to provide. An example of this would be intermittent faults. These are difficult to diagnose, and we can never be sure if the repair was successful in testing. We would use our judgement in these instances to best deliver a warranty service that works for both parties.